How Mammography AI is used in Breast Cancer Screening and AI therapy

Artificial intelligence is used in various medical fields, including breast cancer detection and treatment. AI systems used in healthcare systems use neural network technology to process mammography images for breast cancer detection with high accuracy, which involves deep machine learning. In breast cancer detection Ai system is exposed to a large amount of breast Tomosynthesis data, while developing an AI, So that it can automate the detection, screening, and treatment process.

Mammography AI

What is Mammography AI, and What are the Pros/ Advantages

Recently evolved Ai has been learned to identify potential signs of breast cancer more accurately than human radiologists. The Ai can identify malignant lesions in mammograms with an accuracy of 90%, whereas radiologist tumor detection accuracy is almost 80%. Recently A. D. Lauritzen et al. publication; reported that radiologists failed to identify interval cancer developed in a 61-year-old woman, but an AI system detected suspicious calcification circles in the breast.

  • Mammography Ai is an Ai-induced tomosynthesis technology where low-dose x-ray imaging is performed to capture medical images of the breast. And then, these images are analyzed by a deep machine learning algorithm and by creating a 3D map of the breast. This map is analyzed and compared by the neural network of Ai systems to detect malignant tumor changes in size, shape, or location. Here, AI comes in handy and helps detect and screen suspicious areas on a mammography image better than humans.
Mammography AI
AI therapy for Breast Cancer
  • Very Low Percentage of False and negative results in comparison to normal mammography and tomosynthesis. The major limitation of normal and digital Mammography is False-negative results. A false-negative digital mammogram looks normal even though breast cancer is present, but Ai-induced tomosynthesis systems come in handy to significantly screen and reduce the false negative results.

AI therapy for Breast Cancer (AI Controlled Radiotherapy)

Ai therapy for Breast Cancer involves Ai System Controlled Radiation Exposure. The major risk of radiotherapy in breast cancer treatment is if the radiation is exposed to cardiac structures, there is the possibility of Heart Disease (HD). Ai-controlled therapy systems automatically analyze the amount of radiation dose to be performed depending on heart structure, size, and position and also considers tolerance to chemo to minimize the risk of radiation-induced Heart Diseases(HD) in breast cancer patients.

Challenges and limitations of Mammography Ai Systems/Tomosynthesis Ai Systems

  1. Faculty in NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Department of Radiology observed significant differences between radiologist analogy and AI systems analogy while identifying soft tissue lesions of the breast. Ai systems fail to recognize the category of malignant cancerous soft tissue lesions. So, image-based medical diagnosis needs more machine learning and improved data to predict the best possible output.

What is Tomosynthesis

Tomosynthesis is an advanced detailed imaging technique that produces 2D/3D digital imaging of the breast) learning Ai models.

Can an AI detect breast cancer cells faster than humans

Yes. It can interpret 20 years of mammogram data to detect malignant cells.

Can AI diagnose breast cancer?

The study is still in progress. Currently, Mammography AI is used in Breast Cancer Screening. AI-controlled chemo /radiotherapy treatment can be used for diagnosis

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