3 Best AI Pets with Emotional capabilities

Artificial intelligence (AI) can simulate and understand human emotions through continuous machine learning so that machines can be made more human-like and naturally interact with people. While doing some research writing about Emotional AI, I found some AI-oriented startup companies are working on the Emotional Intelligence Project. Their main motive is to build AI pets … Read more

AI Pain Recognition-AI Can Detect and Measure Pain in Mouse Face and could aid drug development.

The use of artificial intelligence in drug development has been growing steadily. The latest developments in the field focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence to help drug developers and doctors predict which drugs and dosages are most likely to be effective for a patient. A study was conducted to investigate the ability of machine … Read more

How Mammography AI is used in Breast Cancer Screening and AI therapy

Artificial intelligence is used in various medical fields, including breast cancer detection and treatment. AI systems used in healthcare systems use neural network technology to process mammography images for breast cancer detection with high accuracy, which involves deep machine learning. In breast cancer detection Ai system is exposed to a large amount of breast Tomosynthesis … Read more

Pros and Cons of Cyber Insurance in 2022

Cyber Insurence

Preventing data breaches and the practice of protecting systems from online attacks is the biggest task in the booming cyber world. Digital attacks are usually aimed at data manipulation, data theft, and money extortion from users. The primary target of these attacks is business hubs. Recent development and emerging trend of digital adoption opened several … Read more

How Artificial Intelligence Systems (AI) can be used to boost Net Zero practices and Disaster Management

The natural ecosystem created life on earth, and humans are part of it. And human-made enough irreversible mistakes in the name of development. Now human responsibility is to save the ecosystem and environment from hazards and activities created by him without disturbing the ecosystem’s natural balance. Emerging artificial intelligence systems can be a convenient and … Read more