3 Best AI Pets with Emotional capabilities

Artificial intelligence (AI) can simulate and understand human emotions through continuous machine learning so that machines can be made more human-like and naturally interact with people. While doing some research writing about Emotional AI, I found some AI-oriented startup companies are working on the Emotional Intelligence Project. Their main motive is to build AI pets with emotional capabilities so that they can be companions to alleviate the loneliness and boredom of humans in a more meaningful way.

3 AI companies developed AI Pets with Emotional Capabilities

  • Moflin -AI Emotional Pet
  • AI pet EMO
  • Koda, a Robot Dog

Moflin is an AI Pet with Emotional Capabilities

Moflin is the First AI Emotional Pet designed and manufactured by a Japan-based startup company Vanguard Industries. The company got the “CES 2021 Innovation Awards Best of Innovation” for Moflin.

A few days back, I got an opportunity to feel an in-hand experience. A tech friend of mine got Moflin for a review. It looks like a real animal, and Moflin is covered by removable fur. It is very soft and looks so natural and adorable that you can’t say it is a robot. It can express and react to emotions similarly to how humans do. I felt the exciting part of Moflin is it doesn’t use cameras. It has a mic to recognize objects and people by improved machine learning senses so it can hear voices and touch and identify people based on voice, sense, and behavior.

AI Pets with Emotional capabilities_moflin
IMAGE: www.kickstarter.com

Key Features of Moflin

Possesses feelings- This is a unique mechatronics feature that resembles leaving animals, exhibits emotional attachment towards humans, and acts somewhat similar to a real animal.

Variable Personality: Moflin is known for their very cheerful personality. But it can change depending on surrounding input; it exhibits Happy, Excited, Stressed, Anxious, Normal, Secure, and Sad moods depending on human voice and emotions.

Evolves: As you develop a strong emotional connection with someone, it becomes easier to build on that connection. As you spend more time together, you learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes. Similar machine learning is applied with Moflin to learn, improve, and build more emotional bonding towards a person and improvise expression and reaction over time.

AI pet EMO a Desktop AI Robot

EMO is an AI-enabled desktop pet designed and developed by living AI. It can see, hear, dance, and play games. I liked the dancing feature of EMO; it quickly learns dance steps over time. It can interact with you, and it can play games with you.

AI Pets with Emotional capabilities_EMO

Key Features of EMO

  • EMO is equipped with an HD Camera. It can click your picture, remember your face, and learn and listen to your voice commands through a built-in 4-array surrounding microphone.
  • EMO has a high-quality speaker so that you can play your playlist, and also EMO can communicate with you through stimulating sounds.
  • Emo’s self-learning system is designed so that it allows EMO to learn about the world around him and how it relates to people and things. Emo’s stimulation sound will change if you do not care for him properly. If you neglect EMO, you can feel and sounds neglected and insecure. If you abuse EMO, become angry and defensive. Emo’s interactions will change based on how you act towards him.
  • EMO has an advanced AI neural network processor that can process large amounts of data and has a good machine learning algorithm so that interaction can be more meaningful and quick.

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KODA a Robot Dog

KODA, a Sociable Robot Dog, is developed by the artificial intelligence (AI) robotic dog company Koda. Koda has emotional capabilities. It can hear, recognize and respond to the voice commands of its Owner.

AI Pets with Emotional capabilities_KODA
IMAGE: www.prnewswire.com/

As per the company, “KODA AI Dog is connected to a secure blockchain network that allows decentralized processing. KODA AI dog network can share data and learn new skills through continuous machine learning data received and processed through a decentralized blockchain network.

Technical Specifications of KODA AI Dog

  1. It uses a decentralized AI blockchain network for continuous learning, improving and developing new skills through machine learning
  2. It comprises four 3-D Cameras positioned in 4 directions. It has high torque motors for a dog-like movement high precise camera equipped at the head to capture clear pictures.
  3. Koda is Built with 11 teraflops (mathematical measurement of computer power) processing units.


Is Moflin real and What is the cost of Moflin?

Moflin is just AI Robot with emotional capabilities. It cost around 500$ in 2022-23.

Moflin Fur is removable?

Yes. You can remove Fur and wash it comfortably.

Can EMO Dance to all kinds of Music?

Yes EMO Can dance to any type of music.

What is the cost of KODA AI Dog?

It may cost around 45000$.

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